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Our Philosophy

Pinata Education is an online English teaching company aimed towards 5 – 12 year old Chinese children, learning beginner level English. At Pinata, we trust our teachers to do what they do best and teach in a way that’s personalized – based on a students’ learning goals, age, background and personality. Our teachers are energetic, fun, engaging and imaginative in their delivery of English lessons. We believe our teachers are not only teachers, but also friends to our students. Whatever course the student chooses to learn from, we know our teachers can deliver the best quality English classes, bring the lesson alive, and leave students excited for their next class.

We pride ourselves on being able to help students expand in their English understanding, by challenging them to think outside of the box and share their opinion, thoughts and interests as much as possible to really learn how to express themselves in English about topics in the real world, and help prepare them for a bright future ahead!

Native English speakers from USA, UK, CANADA or native English speakers with neutral accent.
At least 2 years of online teaching experience and 1 year of in-classroom teaching.


You will get $18 per hour initially with the opportunity to go up to $25 if your teaching is consistently of the highest standard and you are an exceptional teacher in all aspects. Our teachers receive raises regularly based on their performance.. 

We pay monthly via Paypal. You will receive your payment on the 1st – 3rd of every month, for hours you complete the month before.

Our minimum requirement is 5 hour per week. However, the amount of hours you work is dependent on the availability you give us. Teachers have regular students at a fixed time every week.

Yes. There are 5 or 10-minute breaks between each class.

You do need to plan ahead before lessons – Know what pages you’re teaching, have any extracurricular material ready for the lesson, however you do not need to make detailed lesson plans. We also do not provide lesson plans.  We pride ourselves in having creative, intuitive teachers who know how to make the most out of the material we provide in conjunction with the learning goals of our students.

Most lessons last for 30 minutes unless the student signs up specifically for a 1-hour class.

Our student’s ages range from 5 – 12 years old, we specialize in teaching beginner English – everything from primary colours and zoo animals to basic sentence structures and beginners grammar. Each student is unique and will have a different goal, based on their language learning needs.

Most of the classes will be one-to-one however students have the choice to sign up for group classes also. The group classes are limited to 3 students per class.

We require you to write a short report of what material you covered in the lesson and any notes or feedback you have for the student. You will get paid $1 for each report.

Teaching Examples

Some teaching examples may help you understand our style


Demo Lesson for Interview

The student in the video was  a 5 year old Chinese boy who goes to an English speaking school.

A good demo lesson involves the good handle of Zoom, connection with the student, and questions that focuses on the target language.

1-1 Beginner Level

The student Kelly in the video was a 7 years old. She was a beginner student. The repetitive sentence structure in the  RAZ book help the student with the fluency using the structure. 

Beginner Level


5-11 Years

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What Our Teachers Say

My name is Erica. I have been working with Pinata´s sister-company Gates Institute for about 3 months now. It has been a great experience so far working for them as they provide teachers with high-quality materials for teaching as well as the freedom of using additional materials that might suit the student’s level or lesson. Reviewed on OETjobs

Erica Ceniceros

Erica Ceniceros

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