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As a teacher with us, you will be at the heart of influencing the next generation of learners, thinkers and creators. We take pride in our team, providing them with support when needed and treasuring them as our fellow educators and colleagues. Ideas and opinions from our teachers are valued. We are all about growth and progression!


A: If you’re eager to start working with us, the interview process should take no longer than a week.

Step 1) APPLY – Fill out the application form. You will also need to record a short introduction video.

Step 2) WATCH VIDEO COURSE & DOWNLOAD ZOOM – We will contact you within 1 working day with links to download our platform, watch our Pre-Interview videos and arrange your interview. (1 day)

Step 3) INTERVIEW AND TRAINING – You will have an initial interview so we can get to know you, then we will arrange a training meeting all about the material and approach you will use for teaching. (1 – 2 days)

Step 4) DEMO LESSON – Once training is done – we will arrange a demo lesson for you to make sure you are comfortable holding a live lesson and using the controls. (1 – 2 days)

Step 5) If your demo lesson goes well – you are now a teacher for Gates Institute and ready to start your regular classes!

A: Once we’ve received your application form, we will send you an email with a clear list of what you need to do next.

A: A Windows or Mac PC with Zoom installed, a camera where you can be seen clearly and centred, a quality microphone and headphones, or headset – sufficient for you to hear audio clearly and be heard over your microphone. You will also need a PDF reader to open material.

A: We pay monthly via Paypal. You will receive your payment on the 1st – 3rd of every month, for hours you complete the month before.

A: We operate 5pm – 10pm weekdays and 8am – 10pm weekends, Beijing time (BJT).  You can check what this is in your local time zone, here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

A: Yes. There are 5-minute breaks between each class, sometimes 10 minutes.

A: Most of the classes will be one-to-one however students have the choice to sign up for group classes also. The group classes are limited to 3 students per class.

A: We require you to write a short report of what pages you covered in the lesson and any notes you would like to make about the student to keep the parents updated. You will get paid $1 for each report.

A: Yes. If the student isn’t in the meeting within 5 minutes, you should notify us. If the student doesn’t turn up after 15 minutes from the lesson start time, you may exit the meeting after this period.

A: Our student’s ages range from 5 – 12 years old, we specialize in teaching beginner English – everything from primary colours and zoo animals to basic sentence structures and beginners grammar. Each student is unique and will have a different goal, based on their language learning needs.

A: Please see our ‘Courses’ page for more details. You will teach all courses apart from Gates Program courses, unless you have similar/relevant experience teaching those courses. These courses include: Levelled reading (Using RAZ and Oxford Reading Tree levelled books), and Pearson’s Big English.

A:  Yes. We are looking for teachers who have preferably worked in an international school before, but HAVE definitely taught English in a school/classroom setting or been a professional TEFL or TESL teacher, for 4 years or more. Teachers will hold intensive, academic reading and writing classes so it’s important to have long-term, relevant experience.

A: Your students will range from the ages 6 – 16 years old. The students are language learners from all over the world but will not be beginners and will have a background of having spoken English frequently, either in an international school setting, studying to go to an international school, having lived abroad before or currently living abroad. They will be very motivated to learn English for personal and academic purposes, not just to learn basic vocabulary.

Some students may sign up for test preparation classes for official exams by Cambridge and other educational organizations. These classes can only be held by teachers with relevant experience preparing students for official exams. If you are one of those teachers, please mention it in your application, as we offer higher rates to test prep teachers.

A: Depending on what course your students sign up for, you will be teaching WRITING – Using National Geographic’s ‘Great Writing’ series, READING – Using National Geographic’s ‘Reading Explorer, Second Edition’ books, READING, WRITING & CRITICAL THINKING – Using National Geographic’s ‘Pathways, Second Edition’ books, READING/WRTING – Using Cambridge Primary English, or INTENSIVE READING – Using a novel of the student’s choice.

A: You do need to plan for your lessons; however we don’t require you to follow a detailed lesson plan. We would like you to be creative with the material and tailor your teaching style to your students. Asking interesting questions related to the content, expanding from the content to ignite the student’s imagination and English thought process and generally helping them express themselves and excel in their English through the course is what we ask from you.


Extra information: We will provide you with all the books, audio files, video files and support if needed for the courses.