Free Registration


The better we understand the background of the student, the better we can match a teacher for the Placement Test lesson according to the student’s characteristics and ability.

The details we ask of you include, but are not limited to: age, basics of English, what courses have been/are being studied, personality traits, problems encountered in English learning, school status (public/private/bi-lingual/international school), does the student plan to study with us short-term or long-term, does the student have plans to study abroad?

Book a Placement Test


Students who meet the starting requirements after the consultation and registration process are recommended to purchase a 30-minute Placement Test Lesson. This class will be for our chosen teacher to evaluate the student’s level in real-time.

We choose appropriate class material based on the information about students given in the registration form. In the class, the teacher will focus on the material, ask questions and have general discussions with the student to assess and discover the student’s strengths and weaknesses in English, so as to give accurate learning suggestions and lesson planning. Teachers will fill in a form about the student’s performance in the class for our education consultants to review.

Final Learning Plan


This meeting will be held by one of our education consultants. In this meeting they can answer any further questions, communicate about the student, and formulate learning plans based on the teacher’s assessment in the Placement Test Class.

Start Regular Class


After the student’s learning plan-of-action is determined, you can purchase a lesson package. At present, there are 15, 30 and 45-hour class packages. 30 and 45-hour packages can be purchased with a discount. Please ask management for more details.


It is recommended that only students aged 6 or over participate in online classes. Most younger students’ online classes are extremely inefficient. We recommend you purchase one of our online video courses for Earl-English Teaching at Home. Please ask management for more details.

Student’s need to be able to understand the teacher’s: simple greetings and instructions (e.g. “What is this? Is that a car?) and be able to provide simple answers.

For students with no foundation at all, it is difficult to take the first step of English learning through online courses.

You only need to install the classroom software (Zoom on a mobile phone, tablet, iPhone or iPad). No other preparation is required.

The specific course material is based on the Teacher’s and the Education Consultant’s assessment from the class and all the other information provided after class.

For example, if the student’s speaking and listening skills are weak, the courses that focus on listening and speaking training are recommended. If the student’s speaking and listening skills are particularly good, courses that focus on reading and writing are recommended. At the same time, we also consider facts like; whether students will take any English entrance exams or study abroad in the future, to help us determine the course material.

The specific class time depends on whether the student’s availability and the teacher’s availability can match (e.g. if both teacher and student are available to have a class every Tuesday from 19:00 – 19:30, then the class time can be fixed for the duration of the course).

The frequency of classes depends on the student’s learning plan (e.g. general listening and speaking classes, we recommended 2-3 classes a week).

The class duration depends on the student’s age, availability and learning needs. Most students choose to have frequent 30-minute classes.

You will have one regular teacher for your regular classes.