Jose Perez


I have been teaching English for almost 16 years.

Freelance English Teacher
(2003 – Present day)
16 years of teaching experience.

Online Company
(May 2016 – Present day)
Teacher of young learners, teenagers and adults from all walks of life and skill levels.
Satisfaction rating of 9.9 in over 7000 lessons
Demo teacher with high monthly signup rates.
Consultant Live Training teacher: Train other teachers in specific skills, system functions and strategies.
Master Demo Consultant teacher: Train new teachers, and experienced teachers having difficulties engaging.
Training material designer.
Expo teacher for children at cram schools.
Corporate demo teacher for companies interested in our products.
Demo teacher of the month, February 2017.

Online company
(May 2017 – Present day)
Teacher of young learners and teenagers of all levels.
Interactive story time storyteller.
Demo teacher with high monthly signup rates.
Host for system trainings.

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