Homework Ideas for Beginner Level Classes

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Homework Ideas for Beginner Level Classes

Homework Ideas for Beginner Level Classes


The main objectives for beginner class students are to consolidate the target vocabulary and sentence structures by implementing repetitive practice activities in class, and completing reinforcement tasks outside class.

Most of the beginner students ages range from 6-8 years old. Drawing and coloring is in their nature. Integrating those activities would help forming homework ideas.


Idea #1

Draw and Label

You can have your student draw the things (target vocabulary) they learned in class and label them. For example, for the topic of ‘classroom items’, we can let students draw or design their dream pencil case and label it. It helps the student match the concept with the object as well as the spelling of the word.

Here is an example, from a student from Teacher Erica’s class


Idea #2

Making Video Clips

The Draw and Label idea works well with nouns, but when it comes to verbs, I would suggest assigning some games at home – ask parents to make some short video clips to send back. For example, when we teach ‘Playground Activities’ from Big English, the student needs to practice the structures “he/she likes to – play on the slide/skate/dance…” we could encourage the student to do the actions at home so the parents guess and say, and then they change their roles. This would make homework fun and effective. If the other parent/relative could take a video clip, ask them to send it back to review in class.

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